At S. Kramer Roofing inspections are an important service and one we take very seriously. Property sellers, buyers and realtors trust S. Kramer Roofing to thoroughly inspect and give an unbiased report on the condition and approximate lifespan left in the roof, to ensure all parties are aware of the condition of the roof.

Often people think if the roof is fairly new and appears fine from the ground, a roof inspection is an unnecessary expense. That may be true but it is surprising how many roofs are improperly installed. S. Kramer Roofing's staff often finds improperly attached shingles, fasteners that are too short and crucial areas such as skylights, chimneys and valleys that are not up to industry standards. Unfortunately, without a professional inspection, the next wind storm or strong rain may find the problem and also create many more. If a roof is not installed according to the exacting manufacturers specifications, the warranty may not be valid.

A thorough roof inspection addresses all critical areas of the roof, notes the lifespan that is left and gives recommendations for repairs, moss treatment and/or roof cleaning. Estimates can be given if repairs or replacement are necessary in order for the roof to achieve the minimum 3 to 5 year life expectancy which most lending institutions require for home loans.

Give us a call to schedule your roof inspection. We know timing is important when buying and/or selling a property and we will respond quickly for your convenience.

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