S. Kramer Roofing uses the best products available. We don't "cut corners" in order to be the lowest bidder or to match or "beat" any other estimate. For example, the felt underlayment we use is heavier and lasts longer to provide excellent waterproofing for your roof.

Our installers are S. Kramer Roofing employees, not random day crews. You can feel confident having our employees on your property. Each installer has been instructed in the proper techniques of how to install a professional, leak proof roof.

Every job is inspected during construction and at the time of completion to confirm that the entire job meets our high standards of excellence.

We have repaired hundreds of improperly installed roofs and valleys as well as wall flashings, chimney flashings and skylight flashings. We understand what it means to do it right the first time...including time, materials and customer satisfaction.

We will also address your roof ventilation requirements and discuss the various options and recommendations with you. A properly vented roof system will ensure the longevity of your roof and proper ventilation will also help cut energy costs. Often, ventilation is an area other roofing companies will neglect because it adds costs and the problems often don't show up for months or even years. This gives them a "low cost advantage" with little concern for quality and future function.

As consumers, we are educated on how to evaluate quality in clothing, automobiles, food, etc., but we rarely buy more than one new roof in our lives so we don't always feel prepared to judge quality and value when comparing materials and bids. An S. Kramer Roofing professional will be available to answer all your questions and guide you through the process so you can feel comfortable you are making the right decision that will last for the next twenty years.

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