Below are some of the most common questions we are asked here at S. Kramer Roofing. If your particular question is not addressed or you are not quite satisfied with a given answer, then please call us.

Q: Is removing my old roof required?
A: Not always, but it is usually best. Primarily, it aids in assessing the condition of the roof's substructure. It is not uncommon for us to find unknown dry rot and pest infestation at the time of tear off. With the roof removed these problems can be addressed right at the source. Please note that any irregularities in the existing roof will more than likely show through new roofing. With some types of roofing, local building codes limit the number of layers allowed.
Q: Can I have my roof done in the winter or during bad weather?
A: S. Kramer Roofing is a full service, year-round firm. It usually only takes 3-6 hours to actually tear off the existing roof and apply water tight felt paper. Start to finish, a roof is usually completed in 2-3 days. The new roof itself can often be installed during inclement weather.
Q: Are your estimates free and how long are they valid?
A: Estimates are free and they are good for 15-30 days. Past 30 days it is best to call us and ask if a re-estimate is needed. Often an estimate will be good beyond 30 days but this depends on material costs. You are welcome to call for an appointment or an estimate.
Q: My roof seems to be leaking and it is NOT raining. Why?
A: Condensation is most likely your problem. Vaulted ceilings are prone to this problem and may need to be vented, if possible, at the ridge and eaves. A moist crawl space can produce 20 gallons of water vapor per 1,000 square feet. Also, plants, bath fans, and other humidity all contribute to condensation problems. Another possibility could be plumbing leaks from toilets or sinks and the piping that connects to them.

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