Wood roofing has long been used to protect homes which is a testament to its reliability. It has a rustic, natural look and ages beautifully. While wood roofing materials can vary significantly in quality, River Roofing selects only the very highest quality from established companies to meet your needs.

All wood roofing is made from cedar because it is light, yet durable. Cedar will weather to a gray color in several months if not pressure washed. This graying is natural and often desired aesthetically. Cedar is a long lasting product as well, if properly maintained you can expect approximately 30 years from shakes and 20 years from wood shingles.

You can choose from two types of wood roofing:

Wood Shingles are smooth, flat and have cleaner lines. Courses are straight. Wood Shakes are thicker than wood shingles, giving a longer warranty. The surface is grooved from the splitting process and has a more rustic, random look. Wood roofing is not the least expensive option, however, the visual appeal and natural protection from the weather has made this a very popular choice. The price is comparable for Shakes and Shingles. We are happy to discuss the various options for using wood shakes on your structure.

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